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Is this service legal?

After contacting Bundesanzeiger Verlag GmbH, we received no response to our enquiries.
Therefore, we commissioned a patent attorney who was able to assure us that the requested data is publicly accessible and that the Excel AddIn is therefore legal.

When wanting to download the setup file, I always get an error, saying that the file is not trusted?

We updated the Excel-AddIn Installer only a few days ago.
It will take a short while until Microsoft SmartScreen (pre-installed Antivirus) accepts it as a secure software.
Depending on the number of installs on Windows by users this can take between two weeks and three months.

When installing the Add-In, I dont see the new section under the 'Data' Tab in Excel?

Please make sure that you have the needed rights to install in your environment.
The Tab not showing up usually means that you do not have the necessary priviledges to install software.

When wanting to download a report, it gives me a Network connection error in a message box?

This means that your company blocked external connections or that it is using a proxy to connect.
In this case you need to text your IT Department. We offer customized solutions for installations with corporate proxies.
Also, please note that you will not be charged, if the report does not download correctly!

Do you keep track of which reports I download or what I search for?

No. We only keep track of the number of reports a user downloads.
No data is saved about who, when or what is searched.