Get your Excel Add-In ready in under a minute

System Requirements

You will need:

1. Get a token

Receive your activation token by email.
Register here >

2. Download and launch the gerfin_setup.exe file

- If you have Excel open, save your work and close Excel.
- Click this button to download the setup file.
- Launch the gerfin_setup.exe file and click 'Next' on everything until the installation is finished.

3. Input your token into the installed Add-In

- Open Excel and navigate to the 'Data' tab.
- On the very right hand side you can find a new category named 'Financials'.

- Check your emails and copy the token into the input field.

4. Use the Add-In

- Search for companies by clicking the 'Search' button.

- Browse company reports and download financials by clicking on 'Get Report'.

- Each company report will be put in a new excel table in the same workbook. All figures are in an editable format.