Companies using the Add-In on a large scale:

Lincoln International is a global investment bank well-known for it's mid-market business.
The Add-In was rolled out to be auto-installed for analysts in Germany.


Partners that featured

Twice a week, Philipp & Philipp give each other an update on the most relevant events in technology, startups and news from the World Wide Web.
Along the way, they let a few thousand listeners participate and ask questions via mail, Discord, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The podcast highlights the most important topics around data value creation and data science applications in business with a focus on artificial intelligence.

The SaaS podcast for the German-speaking region. In the ARRtist on AIR Podcast, successful SaaS founders, top investors and leading industry partners and experts provide valuable tips.
This podcast helps you scale your SaaS business - informative, entertaining and straightforward.