Get Bundesanzeiger/Unternehmensregister Data in Excel in under a minute

System Requirements

If you use a Mac, you will need:
If you use a Windows Computer, you will need:

1. Get a token

Receive your activation token by email.
Register here >

2. Download the gerfin spreadsheet .xlsm file

- Click this button to download the spreadsheet.
- Do not open the spreadsheet yet!

3. (Skip this step if you want to use the spreadsheet on a Mac!)

Windows will block all Macros from files that are not created on your own computer.
This is even the case if the spreadsheet is signed with a Root CA certificate.
Therefore, we will have to unblock the spreadsheet to make it useable.

- Right click on the downloaded spreadsheet and select 'Properties'.

- Tick the 'Unblock' checkbox and apply the changes.

4. Open the spreadsheet and click on 'Search' to input your token

- Check your emails and copy the token into the input field.

5. Use the Spreadsheet

- Search for companies by clicking the 'Search' button.
- Browse search results and download financials by clicking on 'Download'.
- Each company report will be put in a new excel table in the same workbook. All figures are in an editable format.